Business Continuity and Sustainability Consulting


Business continuity Planning 

  • Over three years as the primary facilitator of all Business Impact Analyses at a biologics research and development campus, responsible for identifying Recovery Time and Recovery Point Objectives for Disaster Recovery, working with DR planners to meet the needs of critical business process owners, and developing Business Continuity Plans for critical processes.
  • Project manager for development of a Product level risk assessment process integrating risk analyses for all points of the production value chain, working with supply chain operations senior leadership. 
  • Planned detailed scenarios and facilitated 3 annual executive level Crisis Management Team functional drills at a Fortune 100 networking equipment manufacturer. Scenarios were designed to test Business Continuity Team interaction with the Crisis Management Team.

Sustainability services

  • Developed resource efficiency, emissions control, safe discharges, and waste management Standards, energy, water and waste minimization guidelines, and capital project sustainability guidelines for a biopharmaceutical manufacturer.
  • Vetted and refined Greenhouse Gas (GHG) inventory data and developed carbon management strategies for several manufacturing facilities and universities
  • ​Analyzed emerging product sustainability issues for a major apparel and toy manufacturer, including regulatory drivers and consumer advocacy concerns.
  • Developed a Master Plan project priority recommendations for a private university based on assessment of attainable carbon emissions reduction versus project implement cost.

ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT systems and compliance 

  • Over two years with primary responsibility for day-to-day environmental compliance of a 1,200-person research and development facility 
  • ​Led community outreach effort in advance of release of first ever SARA 313 report, interacting with interested external parties to ensure appropriate understanding of potentially-sensitive data.
  • Assisted internal Environmental staff of a multinational technology company with efficient development of an Environmental Management System that obtained ISO 14001 certification ​

Product-level analyses 

  • Conducted Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) and identified Energy Payback Time (EPBT) for solar panel designs in production. 
  • Worked with design engineers at a storage device company to incorporate Design for Environment elements into drives, including design for disassembly and design for recyclability

Process Risk analysis

  • Facilitated over 100 hazard analyses using HazOp or Failure Modes Effects Analysis methods for processes ranging from ammonia refrigeration to semiconductor manufacture to pulp and paper manufacturing.
  • Over 7 years as primary trainer of Root Cause Analysis facilitation skills for a major west coast biotechnology company
  • Assisted the Department of Energy with development of a toxic chemical reduction strategy document for Energy Facility Contractors